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Keys to a successful public-private partnership

Taking your public-private partnership (P3) to the next level

The most important factor when embarking on a P3 is that the private and public sectors build a collaborative relationship. Stronger business partnerships can be created with the help of advisors who have the experience and knowledge to ensure you're thinking through all of your options.

To succeed in your public-private partnership, it's important to understand the scope under which you're working. Some considerations you may have are:

    • What is the problem you're solving?
    • Evaluate what resources are required
    • Determine the project timing and critical path for delivery
    • Identify the key stakeholders and approval process
    • Evaluate the appropriate governance structure
    • Identify key risks

Once you've defined your scope, you can further set the stage for success by undertaking the following:

    • Develop a clear program of requirements rooted in the overall project objectives
    • Differentiate which objectives or terms are required versus preferences
    • Determine what you want your partner to do to help achieve the project's objectives
    • Compare the anticipated outcomes against traditional delivery
    • Carefully evaluate risk transfer and its associated value