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Public Institutions

Cost-savings based on better tools, expertise and effective data analysis

Budgets are always top-of-mind for government agencies, but in an environment where spending cuts and even shutdowns lurk around the corner, reducing spend becomes paramount. That's why many public-sector organizations are using flexible, data driven capital planning for their real estate portfolios to help improve declining asset conditions and make sure each capital requested is fully vetted, driving improvement in their overall financial standing.

Download A streamlined capital planning process is critical for success to assess if your department needs to improve its capital planning process or preview the paper by viewing the presentation below.

 Featured research

2016 United States Federal Perspective

With the near-term outlook still cloudy as the 2016 election cycle approaches, and 30 million square feet of GSA leases set to expire over the next 12 months, decisions will need to be made in order to halt future space deferrals.

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