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The path to discovery has become full of uncertainty and challenge. You're not only faced with the expense of creating new drugs quickly, fielding competition and staying ahead of regulation, but also the pressure of attracting and retaining top talent – all while keeping costs low. Forces in the industry are shifting – the movement from chemistry based to biologics based discovery, new geographic talent hubs, the evolution of flexible lab space and pressure to meet the needs of patients. With all this in mind, there are both challenging exciting opportunities ahead.

As you forge ahead through this path, why not partner with a team that has walked in your shoes? We understand the industry because we've come from the industry. We add value through the full life cycle of an asset, from site location and negotiation, to the build and management, capital improvement/replacement and disposal. Don't build an operations organization on your own. You're safe in our hands.

JLL addresses key industry questions:

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As Life Sciences companies enter a new era of collaborative research and development, flexibility, and need for more creative space, an effective real estate and facilities strategy is key.

Explore some of the insights your life sciences company needs to remain competitive below, along with this year’s projected top life science markets.

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Discover how life sciences industry executives are reconsidering research and development (R&D). They're shortening the product lifecycle through flexibility, collaboration and investment in talent.

How do your labs compare?

Featured: What are the workforce trends shaping the future of life sciences?

Your workplace is the weapon in the war for talent. To deliver the life-saving medicines of tomorrow, arm yourself with top insight around these three key trends.

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