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Asset Management

As the leading global hotel asset management firm, we optimize operating performance, maximize asset value, minimize business risk and clarify hold and exit strategies.

Our dedicated hotel asset management team will help you realize your investment goals through a collaborative, creative and disciplined process within an ever changing marketplace. As your asset managers, we understand we are entrusted to be an extension of your resources to optimize performance, maximize value and minimize risk.​

Asset Management Team

We have a diverse team with experience developing, operating, marketing, renovating, engineering, valuing and brokering hotels. Our groups are comprised of various combinations of former hotel company executives, hotel general managers, sales and marketing directors, F&B directors, destination sales organization executives, appraisers, brokers, financiers, developers and construction mangers.

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Trusted advisor

We help add value to your investment through the informal interaction between ownership, your JLL team, and the hotel manager. Many issues arise without advance warning, and we're here to help you handle them with ease.

Leading technology

We are developing an asset management tool that will automate data collection and entry, leaving more time for analysis and value enhancing. This tool will incorporate into our standardized presentations (whether that be by report or interactive on-line dashboards) key market and financial standard metrics. This database of performance data will enable your asset management team to identify and recommend best practices that will maximize the value of your hotels. 

Intuitive reporting

The baseline of any asset management process is the periodic review of hotel performance. Our intuitive and customizable reporting tool keeps you informed from an owner’s perspective. The tool combines historical, forecasted and leading indicators to help identify challenges and opportunities. Reporting frequency can vary based on owner needs, and hotels can have unique content that needs tracked, such as citywide event bookings for large convention hotels, enplanements for airport hotels, or tourist arrivals for resort properties.

Thoughtful budgeting

The annual budget process is another key element to keep the hotel headed down a path to realize owner goals. Our investment in technology tools, coupled with an analytical assessment of challenges and opportunities will help refine your operator budget to achieve owner objectives.

Access to capital

We'll leverage our relationships with domestic and foreign lending and equity sources to provide you with the capital you need. With billions of dollars in debt and equity transaction experience and deep insights into global capital flows and trends, our dedicated team of hotel investment banking professionals is poised to advise on creative structures and innovative solutions to capitalize your assets.

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Creative branding

We're used to working with ownership and management to help create or refine the hotel’s “brand within the Brand”. The concept capitalizes on the hotel’s overall brand (Renaissance, Hilton, Marriott, etc.) while creating a unique property-level brand that signifies the physical and service attributes to give a hotel a competitive advantage.

Capital projects

Ensure capital projects are implemented in a thoughtful manner that maximizes value while minimizing costs. Every capital project is assessed from an aesthetic, brand, life cycle, energy, cost, and return on investment perspective.

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