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Smart and sustainable campus programs to further promote your leadership position

​You know how important sustainability is to attracting students, but you’re not sure where to place your investments. There are programs you can implement with no financial investment as well as longer term initiatives that will make a significant impact. Wherever you’re at in your journey, there are new opportunities and approaches to explore and they’re evolving nearly every day. Let us share some of the resources we’ve developed to keep you update on the latest sustainability initiatives and innovations.  

Get closer to a carbon-neutral campus

More than 61 percent of potential students told the Princeton Review they want campus sustainability data included in college rankings. How do you make sure your institution is making the right investments in sustainability? 

Download our 10-step guide to campus sustainability

5 campus sustainability best practices

Are these practices implemented on your campus? These five campus sustainability programs are both high-impact and easy to implement.

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We’re committed to building a better tomorrow

Learn how we're working with clients around the globe to lead industry benchmarking and deliver remarkable successes across all sectors and geographies. 

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Stay up-to-date with the latest higher education perspectives and trends