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Stop choosing between cost cutting and investment spending.

​Threats of increased regulatory oversight, aging infrastructure, outdated manual processes and rising transportation and housing costs are creating a war of priorities on campus. Cost containment versus capital investment. But this doesn’t have to be an either/or proposition any longer.

Today, students want a wide variety of places to call home. Shared spaces that let them choose how they want to gather. These new facilities not only add to the “wow” factor, but help foster innovation and collaboration.

But how do you build a stronger community like this on your campus?

Through a seven-step strategy that uncovers cost savings and brings it all together by:

  • Making facility managers part of your strategic planning since no one knows your campus better.

  • Finding creative ways to deal with deferred maintenance costs.

  • Leveraging the latest integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) and cloud-based software to reduce risk and generate data to improve decision making.

  • Cataloging, organizing and standardizing available data to produce valuable insights about energy usage, building occupancy trends and more.

  • Identifying regulatory agency requirements and utilize specialized technology platforms that can assist with compliance.

  • Implementing an energy management program to achieve significant cost savings and reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Driving additional revenue that can be reinvested by subleasing empty buildings and sharing parking facilities when they are not in use.

Learn more about how you can push campus investment—without raising tuition to do so.


​A full scale approach to your higher education portfolio