Saving on campus through facilities

7 steps your school can take to uncover cost savings

It’s time to make smart campus investments once again.

Many universities are now being forced to choose between cutting costs and making capital investments. But what if you could do both?

An integrated approach to campus facilities management allows your school to develop state-of-the-art facilities that attracts top talent while holding the line on costs.

Gain the complete perspective in our latest whitepaper. Learn how to leverage your facility managers’ in-depth knowledge of student’s needs to get ahead of deferred maintenance and improve capital planning.

A female student studying in a library

Creative ways to address deferred maintenance

Maintenance costs will not go away unless they’re dealt with properly. A facilities capital assessment identifies your most pressing maintenance and repair needs.

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Improve data-driven decision making

An integrated workplace management system helps reduce costs and increase efficiency through advanced space planning modules, self-service portals and portfolio management tools.

a modern office building interior

Take control of your energy management program

Proactive energy management programs can achieve significant cost savings with an immediate impact.

Want to learn more about integrated facilities management?

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