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Transform your campus into a sustainable, strategic and financial asset that attracts students, faculty, staff and donors.

Unprecedented competition to attract the best students and faculty. New emphasis from Generation Z for a collaborative, flexible learning environment and housing choices that encourage personal interaction. Pair these with declining revenue and aging infrastructure, and it’s clear that most colleges and universities are up against some serious challenges with limited resources to address them. 

That’s why leading schools are looking to alternative ways to fund development projects and creative ways to generate revenue. And that’s where we come in. JLL is a leader in helping colleges and universities uncover innovative solutions to address their biggest challenges and achieve financial and recruitment goals. From securing private-public partnerships to finance development projects that produce revenue, to reducing operating costs through outsourced facility management—and everything in between—we’ve got you covered.

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Achieving more with public private partnerships

Leverage your college or university's real estate portfolio to generate income, elevate your brand and meet your development objectives.

Higher ed and integrated facilities management

Threats of increased regulatory oversight, aging infrastructure, outdated manual processes and rising transportation and housing costs are creating a war of priorities on campus.

Cost containment versus capital investment.

But this doesn’t have to be an either/or proposition any longer.

Get closer to a carbon-neutral campus

More than 61 percent of potential students told the Princeton Review they want campus sustainability data included in college rankings.

But how do you make it happen? The good news is the journey isn’t as difficult as it used to be.

Secure maximum reimbursement with indirect cost recovery

Getting your school's fair share of reimbursement from the federal government for sponsored science and engineering research on campus isn't easy.

Client spotlight: Prestigious North American university establishes strategic road map

Needing a partner to help them establish a real technology road map, the school worked to address its lack of insight into current tools and data and the need for resource alignment, building a strong business case for future budgetary funding.

Education construction is still in a post-recession slump

It's hovering at its lowest point in over 15 years – compared to a near full recovery of all industries combined.

How colleges are keeping up with business changes

Different strategies took the stage at the National Association of College and University Business Officers' annual meeting.​

Real estate’s real deal in higher ed

Some universities are making off-campus facilities assets work to their advantage.

Five campus facility trends to watch in 2018

What can we expect to see on higher education campuses this year? Check out what will shape real estate and facilities in 2018.