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Track, plan and integrate your leases as part of your broader real estate strategy.

  • Do you have confidence in your data?

  • Have you explored every opportunity for cost savings in your lease administration and plant operations practices?

  • Do you have transparency into your leasehold obligations to support execution of your real estate strategies?

  • Are you tracking compliance of all of your applicable leases against Stark and Anti-Kickback laws?

These are the top questions to be addressed for a top-notch lease administration program–a program that gives you the ability to effectively track, plan and integrate your real estate portfolio into the ever-changing strategies of the core healthcare delivery business.

Without a strong lease administration program, providers underutilize real estate assets, miss opportunities to protect their options and rights, unknowingly pay inappropriate charges or inaccurate rents, and are constantly in an unproductive reactive mode rather than being well-positioned to make strategic real estate decisions to support and enhance patient care.

Complying with Stark, Safe Harbor, and Fraud & Abuse as well as government regulations such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) takes center-stage for many healthcare providers. Partnering with JLL enables clients to implement real estate strategies that support compliance and maintain a lease administration system that enforces strict standards, processes and procedures around accuracy and reporting. This is key to avoiding costly fines related to non-compliance with Stark Law.

Specialized expertise

Transaction team coordination | Lease abstraction and system input | Critical date management | Landlord notification | Accounts payable and receivable management | Audits of operating expenses and tax escalations | Routine reporting | Stark compliance

Industry insight

What do new lease accounting standards mean for healthcare?

New standards indicate that balance sheets will swell, and select hospitals will see their debt load grow by 30 percent. What can you do now to prepare for 2019? Learn more in our report.

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