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Questions you may consider as you evaluate the performance of facilities and real estate.

  • How does my organization’s performance measure up to that of my peers and the healthcare industry?

  • We have centralized clinical operations, finance and human resources. Should we do the same for facilities? What are the challenges and advantages?

  • We are looking to build a best-in-class real estate and facilities organization. Can we self implement or should we form a strategic partnership? What are the risks and benefits?

  • We are very focused on improving the patient experience. How can real estate and facilities help us achieve our goals in this area?

  • What type of savings can be generated by improving performance of plant operations?

We’re listening to you, and we’re here to help. Through our experience partnering with healthcare organizations of various sizes across the continuum of care, we’ve amassed invaluable knowledge and best practices to improve system operational performance.

Our clients typically have large, complex portfolios that require expertise in plant operations, property management, portfolio strategy, transactions/leasing, capital markets, lease administration, energy procurement and deployment, strategic sourcing, compliance, and project management for routine and strategic projects.

Supported real estate types 

Acute care hospitals | Medical office buildings | Ambulatory surgery centers | Clinics | Long-term care facilities | Senior housing | Critical access hospitals | Research laboratories | All types of outpatient centers


Improving hospital quality through real estate and facilities management

You'll learn more about:

  • The current challenges for hospital quality programs
  • Ways to address your needs through real estate and facilities management
  • Roadmap to a successful program / the use of rounding technology
  • Steps in a systemized approach to quality
  • Tactics to improve patient safety and patient satisfaction
  • Establishing a program baseline and driving towards a system goal zone

Industry insights

Featured case studies