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An outcome-based approach to energy management leads to better results.

  • How do I measure, track and consistently document energy savings?

  • Are goals aligned among the energy, operations and supply chain teams?

  • Are strategies in place to identify and review new ideas and innovations to support energy saving efforts?

  • Is leadership committed to funding identified energy improvements?

We enable your site-based teams, who are at a building every day, to address these questions and make changes that lead to energy efficiency improvements. This is done through training, expert support, energy assessments, and audits and empowerment.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Our portfolio energy and sustainability management program provides a consistent and effective way to manage your complex data.

It includes our Portfolio Energy and Environmental Reporting System (PEERS)—a customizable online platform that continuously measures and reports energy consumption, costs, emissions and sustainable project status. You'll also gain help in prioritizing opportunities to make your largest, most immediate economic impact, and have the ability to customize a solution through the shortest time to implement or total cost.

We also deliver alternative energy services like solar, wind and cogeneration projects and assessments to achieve savings while reducing your carbon footprint.

Within our healthcare practice alone, we have delivered over 1000 energy savings projects for our clients. On average, we deliver 17 percent in energy savings to our clients, and have achieved over $70 million in cumulative savings in five years.

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JLL and Adventist awarded for leadership in energy efficiency and sustainability

JLL and Adventist's program has achieved cumulative savings of $7.5 million within three years—outpacing Adventist's original goal of $4.2 million.

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