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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Understanding ongoing reform. Navigating complex regulations. Keeping costs down while enhancing the patient experience. Managing risk while improving clinical outcomes. These are just a handful of the many challenges faced by healthcare providers today. With these mounting pressures and competing priorities, you may need to engage a strategic partner to help manage your facilities and real estate, so you can focus on your core competency—patient care.

By offering data-driven solutions rich with detailed insights, we can h​​elp you better understand the risks and opportunities you face, improve the productivity of your assets and ensure all aspects of your facilities reach the highest level of quality, compliance and safety.

Our experience servicing the broad spectrum of inpatient and outpatient facilities gives us the unique opportunity to share our refined processes that deliver real-time, actionable information enabling you to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and mitigate risk.​

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Featured report

2018 Healthcare Outlook

How can healthcare providers stay ahead in today’s rapidly evolving market?

To meet the demands of patients and reduce costs, healthcare providers that enhance their inpatient facilities while offering new types of outpatient facilities will gain a competitive advantage. Discover more in our new Healthcare Real Estate Outlook.

How can effective facilities management help achieve triple aim objectives?

Top hospitals have embraced placemaking – the art and science of creating welcoming spaces – to address critical compliance issues and improve patient satisfaction. Learn more in a new report.

Featured news 

JLL appoints healthcare safety and regulatory expert George Mills

To focus on improving patient safety and clinical outcomes, as well as reducing overall risk in hospital environments, George Mills has announced that he will transition from his current role as Director of the Department of Engineering at The Joint Commission to a new position as Director of Healthcare Technical Operations at JLL.

Kindred Health System acknowledges JLL’s sacrifice and service

Read the heartfelt thank you that highlights JLL’s leadership, support and unparalleled service during and after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

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