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Minimize unnecessary risk, lower costs and create new revenue streams through a P3.

​​You're ready to redevelop an existing property, or build a new one. Whether you want to bring an existing City Hall or police HQ up to date, or build public hotels and retail property on city land, there are a lot of moving parts to piece together.

How will you fund the project, and mitigate the risks of such an undertaking? If you're building new property, how will you monetize it, and boost revenues? What about ongoing maintenance and management of the new facilities?

A properly structured public private partnership (P3) may be key to finding your solutions.

What's a P3?

A P3 is a medium- to long-term agreement between a public-sector partner (you) and a private-sector partner. They’re used when you need something done—like infrastructure development or facility operations and maintenance—but don’t have the capital or in-house expertise to make it happen.
In a P3, we’ll work with you to design and manage your project from start to finish, and sometimes beyond. First, we perform a complete feasibility analysis to help us all better understand what you want to accomplish, our best options to get there, and whether a P3 is a good fit. We’ll look how you’ve managed similar projects in the past, valuate your asset, and project both potential earnings from the new build and potential cost savings from improved facilities and streamlined operations.

From there, we’ll structure a P3 that works best for your project, in which we clearly define and agree upon responsibilities, shared objectives and risks. You’ll get the level of creativity and control you desire while we take on the bulk of the legwork. Some agreements even include ongoing facilities management to make sure your new properties are properly maintained.

Best of all, depending upon the structure of the agreement, your private sector partner assumes some or all of the risk so you don’t have to worry about impact to your credit rating or other financial concerns.

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Higher education real estate services

Interested in a P3 for your college or university? We'll help you transform your campus into a strategic asset that funds development projects and generates additional revenue. 

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