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Reduce operating costs, recoup excess spend and be sure you’re strategically located to do your best work.

If you’re like most of the government agencies we’ve worked with, chances are you’re managing your leases in a spreadsheet. While that’s been an effective strategy for years, like many things it’s become less so in the face of technological advances.

Today, portfolio analytics tools can automatically assess and analyze your entire real estate portfolio—owned and leased—to identify gaps and opportunities to optimize your footprint and reduce your spend. And we have the expert personnel to help you execute on those findings, turning data into strategic action.

Our technology consultants use industry-leading software like ARCHIBUS, TRIRIGA and Corrigo to build your long-term tech strategy that will stand the test of time. And if you've already got an existing platform, we can integrate it into our process, even if it's old and out-of-date, so you avoid starting from scratch.

Typically, following an initial portfolio analysis we’ll identify one (or more) of the following scenarios, each with a unique solution:

Your leased/owned ratio is out of balance

In some instances, owning property is the best option while in others, leasing is more strategic. It all depends on your institution’s goals and priorities. A complete portfolio analysis, paired with discussion about your objectives, will help shed light on your own/lease approach and if there are opportunities to shift and better balance your books.


​Your lease schedules (and costs) aren’t properly managed

When are lease expirations coming up? When are the rent hikes coming? Portfolio analysis will bring this information to the forefront, so you can be proactive in managing and negotiating your leases. Once you’ve stabilized, your real estate management becomes more predictable. From there, we assess how your space is being used, compare your utilization and costs to other government entities, and identify where you can reduce space and spend.

You’re not effectively using the space you have

The way we work has changed dramatically in the past few years, and it’s impacted how people use their workspace. But your offices and operations may not have caught up. With a thorough analysis of your space utilization, we can identify ways to update your space. This not only improves your people’s experience in it, but also lowers your costs by dramatically consolidating or shedding excess space.


​You’re paying too much for space you no longer need

Whether owned or leased, we may find that you simply have some amount of excess space. And that space is costing you money. We can work with you to strategically dispose of the property, or turn it into a revenue generator with a creative leasing or subleasing plan.


You’re not in the best location

Communities grow and change in time. What was an optimal location several years ago may no longer be. If you find yourself in that situation, we can help you dispose of existing space and get into a new one that’s more strategically aligned with your institution’s goals and priorities.

Want more information? Contact our portfolio management specialists to get started.

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Managing Director, East Region

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Managing Director, Central Region

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