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Maximize uptime and save money with a proven move process.

10 key steps to a smooth federal agency relocation​​​​You're in one of two situations. Either you're ready to move to a new location, or you want to renovate your existing space but have no idea how to make construction happen with all your people still at work. 

That's where we come in. We'll help you stay up and running, and make sure you meet your target move date. Our detailed planning takes everything into account: move logistics, budgeting, communications, security and more. 

How do we do it? By creating a phased plan that works around your schedule, keeps mission-critical operations running and accounts for any unique needs.

Every move we've managed in the last 15 years was on schedule, unless something happened that was our of our control.

For example, one federal agency wanted to move 3,500 people. Originally scheduled for 3 weeks, we cut that down to 6 days through an integrated approach that streamlined the process.

10 key steps to a smooth federal agency relocation

Cybersecurity, operations disruption and delays are all potential risks during the relocation of a federal agency’s offices. Amidst the huge number of agency decisions required to plan and build out a new space, the logistics of the physical move can become a secondary concern.

Six reasons to partner with a relocation project manager for your next move

Moving to a new location can bring advantages to a federal agency, including reduced lease expenditures per person and a more productive work environment. Yet, the physical move can involve considerable risk.


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