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Keep your civic and owned properties running smoothly, 24/7.

​​​​​Aging infrastructure and tightening budgets have many government professionals scratching their heads about how to get their facilities back to peak operation. And keep them there.

Our dedicated facilities management team includes engineering, sourcing and compliance management divisions solely dedicated to you. We’ll work as an extension of your team—and even upskill your existing staff—to programmatically assess the state of your facilities, fix existing issues, then proactively monitor and manage operations moving forward.

We have the best combination of people, processes and technology in the business that ensures you don’t just operate effectively, but efficiently. Monitoring dashboards will benchmark existing performance and identify areas to improve operations and lower your costs. 

Here’s how we provide facilities management for various government entities:


State, local and federal agencies

We’ll support your people by keeping office operations running smoothly. We understand that many public institutions are dealing with issues from deferred maintenance. We’ll help you get back on track, then ahead of the game with predictive, proactive ongoing management.

And we can help you outside of a traditional office setting, too. Our work at the Tennessee State Capitol includes large-scale inaugurations and charity events. By letting us take on the preparation and security, you can sit back, relax and enjoy these important spetacles.

Public transit

From security, to track and fleet maintenance, to facility services and more, we’ll help you control the beast. Keep your system running on time, keep your passengers safe and ensure timely fixes of any issues.

Large-scale facilities

No matter the size, complexity or sensitivity of your operations, we’ve got a team available to help you properly manage and maintain them. Our people are trained to deliver expert GxP program management and administration, and proactive safety programs for everything from CDC-quality lab facilities to full-scale detention centers.

​Military bases

We’ll help you effectively and efficiently run your small city. We can take on everything from construction and facilities management to custodial services, security, energy and utility management, and more. ​


Performance-based outsourcing

Gain insight on how private sector best practices in facilities management can be applied to Defense Department installations. Learn more about the challenges and opportunities discussed during a recent round table at the Association of Defense Communities.

8 ways to boost state and local government real estate performance

While the path to progress is different for every state and community, our guide details the eight best real estate practices for forward-looking public institutions.

In the Mid-Atlantic? Check out our GSA BMO program.

If you represent a federal agency in the Mid-Atlantic, you may be able to take advantage of our General Services Administration’s Building Maintenance and Operation (BMO) ​program. 

Through this existing partnership, we can help with procurements, reduce your risk, standardize labor costs and more. 

Want more information on our facilities management services? Contact us to get started.

Charles Manula

Managing Director - Operations, Corporate BMO Program Manager

United States

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Doug Rowles

Managing Director, Solutions Development

United States

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