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Fast-growing Businesses

Heigh growth services speedupupFunding? Check. Market share? Check.

Speedup and beyond


What do you need right now?

  • Congratulations! Your company is on its way to dominating the industry. You have many happy employees and may be thinking about expanding nationally or globally.
  • You’re a relatively stable company, and you have concerns about how occupancy directly affects your bottom line.
  • You have a strong focus on branding and on what your space says about your firm.
  • You may have several types of facilities, such as data centers, call centers, shipping facilities and/or production factories. Our High-Growth Services group has assisted hundreds of companies like yours in portfolio-based real estate situations.
  • You need to keep tabs on all current and emerging markets that could be of growth value. Our High-Growth Services real estate team covers over 1,000 markets on six continents and will proactively provide you withcustomized, up-to-the-minute market data and considerations.
  • You may have an opportunity to match your leased or purchased real estate with important accounting considerations.
  • You’ll need to carefully consider how your lease terms and extension options, flexibility terms and amortization of improvements affect your balance sheet. We can advise you in analyzing these considerations and can perform all of these services in-house.
  • You’ll need to benchmark your office metrics to ensure maximum efficiency and flexibility. This will help track your current performance, glean best practices and identify new trends.
  • We have represented hundreds of high-growth companies and we have the most comprehensive data relevant to your company regarding benchmarking, while strictly maintaining confidentiality.
  • Your office and real estate savvy has grown and your real estate choices will continue to heavily influence your investors. We have unique experience in meeting the needs of the companies we represent and the entities that back them. In fact, we most likely already have a relationship with your current (and prospective) financiers.

How do you pull this off?

  • Contact the Jones Lang LaSalle High-Growth Services group. This is complicated subject matter, and you need to talk through your options with an experienced advisor.
  • Peruse some of our tools and information that we’ll use to help you find the perfect locations and spaces.
  • Seek an attorney who specializes in real estate and contact Jones Lang LaSalle to ensure that your lease documents cover all relevant aspects of your business—protecting you from all angles.
  • Ask our High-Growth Services team to provide a lease audit to uncover avoidable or redundant real estate costs and toxic lease clauses in current or prospective locations.

What's next?

  • You’re well on your way to continued success, growing market share and world domination. Let our High-Growth services group custom-tailor multidisciplinary solutions to ensure your real estate and business decisions are always properly aligned.
  • There is likely no clear path to what the future might hold for your company, but you do know that you need to get there quickly. Our industry-specific experience with hundreds of rapidly growing companies will help keep you on the fast track.