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With energy prices slumping, many companies are struggling with excess space and the feeling of being trapped without solutions. We’re here to show you that there is a way out.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​JLL has more than 120 energy real estate experts nationwide, with deep expertise in the industry and within their local markets. This, paired with our steadfast commitment to client success, makes us uniquely equipped to help you through this challenging time.

By partnering with JLL, you can focus on what you know best—your core business processes—while we analyze your real estate situation to discover untapped potential within your portfolio.

There are a number of proven real estate strategies you can employ to capitalize on this volatile market. We’re here to help you explore your options and determine the best path forward for your organization. Browse through the resources below to learn more, or contact us today to talk with one of our energy industry experts.

2018 North American Energy Outlook

A measured energy recovery underscores need for an effective real estate strategy.

Strategies to reduce your real estate costs

With solutions like subleasing, early lease restructure negotiations, sale lease-backs and more, you can realign your portfolio, maximize flexibility and better manage overall costs. ​

Save money; reduce overhead: Why outsourcing your real estate decisions is the right call

Having the proper commercial real estate strategy is essential for energy companies—both big and small—in the war to win the best talent while maximizing cost savings. ​​

Think like a landlord: The road to successful subleasing

Subleasing—gaining your landlord's approval to lease out your excess space to another tenant—is usually the first option for tenants looking to modify their space needs prior to lease termination. While restrictions vary, it's often the most cost-effective way to manage your shifting space requirements. ​

Prolonged low oil pricing is taking its toll

There​ are three ways energy companies are reassessing their space needs.​ Depending on your situation, you're likely looking at one of the following options:

  • Take advantage of market leverage
  • Contain costs
  • Realign space after a merger/acquisition

We know the energy markets across North America

Where the industry is happening is where we live and work. To prove our on-the-ground expertise, we've mapped our office locations and energy deals against shale basin locations and potential shale plays across the United States, Canada and Mexico.​​