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Analyze your location options at both a market and building level using proprietary technology from JLL.

​With advanced data-tracking systems, our location analysis technology keeps you on the cutting-edge when it comes to creating the best contact center portfolio for your business.


When time is of the essence, you need immediate results. Our Dimension tool uses five key market filters to produce a short list of locations for our clients to further assess.

Dimension analyzes current labor pools, real estate trends and market competition to help find solutions for your short-term needs, including popular “plug and play” options that require minimal build time.

Dynamic Screening Tool

​Our highly customizable, interactive Dynamic Screening Tool model utilizes 10+ specific search criteria to identify markets that best match with your company’s unique long-term portfolio needs.

Dynamic Screening Tool helps our clients by comparing all U.S. metro areas with up-to-date information on each market’s current demographics, workforce alignment and competitive environment.

As market dynamics change, labor markets evolve. Our Dynamic Screening Tool answers whether your long-term contact center strategy should keep you home or take you elsewhere.


​Once you’ve narrowed down your locations of choice, Blackbird will take you on a virtual tour of your specific market options—all without leaving the comfort of your own boardroom.

Whether you’re evaluating space across an entire county or just within a single block, Blackbird breaks down current workplace trends, tax incentives, ease of transit access and more. You pick the factors most important to you, and then Blackbird goes to work.

Truly get to know your options through city and neighborhood flyovers, up-to-date building floor plans, the latest architectural renderings and more.