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​​Stay up to date with current news and trends in the contact centers industry, with a focus on its economic and real estate impacts.

 Recent articles


    Great digital expectations: Great momentum for U.S. contact centers

    March 2017 - The era of the call center is over, and the omnichannel contact center is the phoenix rising from the ashes. Learn more about the new expectations for U.S. contact centers from JLL's contact centers team.

    Read more in IAOP's Pulse Magazine.


    Has your facility fully transitioned from Call Center to Contact Center?

    12 August 2016 - As the traditional models are evolving, contact centers must alter their look and feel to attract the right talent and create a productive environment that keeps both customers and employees satisfied. What kind of real estate implications are on the line?

    Read more from JLL's Sam Weatherby and Kim Vanderland at Commercial Property Executive.


    Millennial Magnetism: 5 Ways to Attract Young Contact Center Workers

    6 June 2016 - Our hyper-connected, mobile world demands new styles of communicating with customers. When Millennials feel empowered to contribute to that progress, they'll adopt your goals as their own. And that's a powerful benefit for the organization—and your customers—as a whole.

    Read more from JLL's Kyle Harding at the Call Center Times.


    Contact centers say farewell to the cubicle farm

    2 June 2016 - "Call centers" are dead; long-live the multi-channel "contact center." Today, customer service is just as likely to happen via email, online chat or social media as it is to happen over the phone.

    Read more at JLL Real Views.