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Site selection

Find the site for your next contact center through the latest location analysis tools.

Picking the right location for your contact center can be tricky. What are the real estate costs? How strong is the labor market? How affordable is it? Are there tax incentives you can qualify for? All these questions should be asked before you make the ultimate call on where you'll land. It's a lot to think about, and that's where location analysis comes in.

With location analysis software, your entire decision making process becomes a whole lot easier. It pairs unique inputs with publicly available data to present you with the top location options—all based on the variables most important to your business.

Consider the following scenarios where predictive analysis and virtual data visualization can give your organization the competitive advantage it needs.

Rapid expansion

You need 500 seats within 90 days. But that doesn't mean you need to settle for a "best of the rest" approach.

Using Dimension, you'll be able to uncover a short list of options aligned with key market filters like labor costs, competitors footprints and real estate costs. Easily visualize the pros and cons of each with the interactive map, and then shrink your list to five.

After you've got that short list in hand, Blackbird lets your tour eachwithout actually leaving the comfort of your own office. Advanced visualizations give you the ability to zoom in to review floor plans, architectural renderings and area amenities, with overlays that display real estate costs and labor rates.


Something's got to give. Recent merger and acquisition activity has left your company with plenty of redundancy. So now you've got to figure out what to keep.

The Portfolio Analytics Tool dives into your entire real estate portfolio, and not just contact centers, to undercover under-utilized space that can be transformed to meet your ever changing needs. Meaning that underused office building you don't need in a digital-friendly market could actually become the next place you install a contact center.

Dynamic Screening Tool then confirms whether or not this new locale could actually fit your requirements for talent recruitment. Through an interactive map that accounts for competition, trends, demographics and specialty data points, you'll receive data-informed recommendations on the feasibility of the new site.

Consolidation without sacrifice

After much deliberation, you've decided to consolidate several contact centers into one large location. But how do you decide which old locations will shut their doors? The choices are many.

That's where Dynamic Screening Tool comes in. It searches various data points across 450 MSAs to generate a potential list of 20 cities for your new location, which you can then rank against other sites already in your portfolio.

Taking an even deeper dive using Blackbird, that short list is then narrowed down to five, which you're able to remotely tour in detail, before landing on a single location offering little competition and numerous incentives for job creation.

Finding the right talent

Running a contact center means you need a tech-savvy crew comfortable across multiple channels. Text. Email. Online Chat. You name it. More than three-quarters of customers 18 to 24 are now using those channels rather than a phone when they need help. Enter the need for a younger workforce.

By tapping Dynamic Screening Tool's talent analytics capability, you're able to compare your current contact centers by availability, sustainability, demographics, competition, cost and other data points to get a deeper understanding of whether the talent pool will let you stay put long-term or if you should be looking leaving town to find new hires.

Learn more: For more on why advanced data and analytics impact site selection strategy, download our complete whitepaper.