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Case studies

We've proven our expertise in contact center solutions in every type of situation. Read the following success stories from some of our clients.



Alorica was on a nationwide mission to improve contact center efficiency. JLL's Contact Centers Solutions team found solutions that brought significant space reductions and an increase in productivity.

  • Using our Dynamic Screening Tool, we found an optimal location for Alorica's Pittsburgh office, enabling a reduction in turnover and rightsizing the operating to match long term labor trends. Our Project and Development Services team led the effort of managing the build out, resulting in an on-time and on-budget relocation.
  • After M&A activity left Alorica with two 50,000+ locations in Tulsa, we reduced Alorica's Tulsa operations office to an 80,000 s.f. location while maintaining the same 1,100 seats.
  • While Alorica continues its rapid growth in the Philippines, we are restructuring existing leases and negotiating for new locations to accommodate the company's increased capacity.



Sitel wanted to find the most suitable call center location for 900 of its employees. Using our Dynamic Screening Tool, JLL identified potential locations within a specific maximum drive-time radius from several major markets.

  • In just 30 days, We pinpointed 3 specific locations to tour—down from an initial list of 1,500
  • Less than five months later, Sitel occupied its new 89,000 s.f. facility



In the midst of expansion, Xerox needed to increase call center operations by 500 seats within 90 days, and JLL helped them deliver on that goal.

  • Selected a 26,000 s.f. turnkey site in Anderson, IN that provided more than $1 million in state and local incentives
  • Xerox's total yearly occupancy costs at the site are $10.50/r.s.f.