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High-Technology Research

Venture Capital continues to flow into high-technology companies

With high-tech companies driving revolutionary change in our economic and societal landscape, venture capitalists continue to view this industry as a good investment. Indeed, high-tech companies continued to attract the highest share of venture capital dollars during the four quarters ending in Q2 2013, netting 60.8 percent of total funding. Of the eight high-tech segments tracked, software companies captured $8.6 billion in venture capital dollars, which was both the highest-funded high-tech segment, and the highest-funded segment overall.

High-technology venture funding graph (image)

Initial public offerings

In 2012, 128 companies with a market cap of at least $50 million went public. Of the 128 public offerings, 38 were high-tech companies, capturing $20.4 billion or 47.9 percent of total IPO proceeds. Thus far in 2013, there have been 16 public offerings within the high-tech sector, with enterprise software proving most attractive with scalable models and high revenues.

High-technology IPO offering graph (image)