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High-Technology Research

An interview with Duncan Logan, CEO of Rocketspace

Accelerators, incubators and co-working spaces are an emerging phenomena taking hold in numerous markets across the country. These centers for innovation and collaboration are a great way for start-ups and smaller high-tech companies to work in a shared space that allows their ideas to grow. RocketSpace is on the leading edge of this new trend.

A preview of the interview included in this report:

What is RocketSpace?

RocketSpace interview with Duncan Logan, CEO (image)

RocketSpace is a technology innovation campus currently hosting over 130 leading technology companies in the heart of San Francisco. On top of a real estate platform, we provide the optimal environment for disruptive technology companies to thrive. Our business consists of four key areas: real estate (office-as-a-service), events, education, and corporate innovation.

Where do you see the next innovation hub emerging over the next few years?

We project approximately 50 technology clusters forming around the world over the next five to 10 years with approximately 10 being in the United States. Accepting that San Francisco, New York, London, and Tel Aviv have already formed, we are looking closely at Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas (thanks to an extraordinary effort by Tony Hsieh) in the United States, and Dublin, Berlin, Toronto, Seoul, and Hong Kong internationally. We would love to see Detroit come back as an innovation cluster. Who knows, it may have reached its tipping point. We believe there will be additional surprise city entrants as governments and cities embrace the importance of playing a role in the global clustering trend.

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