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Life Sciences

Equipment Failure the potential domino effect

Jones Lang LaSalle brings you in-depth insight from experts across the life sciences industry. This month our experts address science organizations seeking to avoid a worst–case scenario may learn the hard way that there are gaps in their preventative maintenance protocols. Without a maintenance optimization strategy, the safety, operational efficiency and profitability of life science facilities may be at risk.

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What's planned maintenance optimization?
Listen to Dick Auger discuss the next generation of preventative maintenance–which includes the use of more advanced technology including thermography, oil analysis and vibration analysis. By shifting from a calendar-based program to a used-based program, companies will be able to drive increased reliability, cost savings and efficiencies.


What stops the dominoes from falling?
Is your maintenance program optimized to stop all scenarios?

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Point of View

How do you optimize maintenance strategy?
Equipment failure can potentially bring down a research facility, causing every life science organization’s worst nightmare.

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