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Ideas fuel our ambitions

​At JLL, we strive to create a culture of innovation. Across the globe, employees are encouraged to chase big ideas, knowing that their creativity is supported, their vision is valued and their drive never goes unnoticed.

Our Innovation & Product Development (IPD)​ platform is what brings big ideas to life. Through crowdsourcing and collaboration, we help employees source, vet and create new products and services every day. Their innovative ideas have not only saved clients more than $150 million, but have received CoreNet's coveted 2016 H. Bruce Russell Innovator's Award.

Because we're so proud, we host the Da Vinci Awards to source and share our employees' top ideas. What started as a simple, celebratory dinner in 2003 has grown into a global program recognizing the year's best innovators.​ 

Meet our 2017 Da Vinci winners

JLL Marketplace

Created by Denver Clark and Jonathan Tucker, JLL Marketplace is an
e-commerce platform that has revolutionized the supply chain for JLL employees and clients. No more paper invoices, varied pricing or competing procurement systems. Now, users enjoy digital access to the inventories of our top manufacturers and distributors in one place, and at one negotiated price.​

How it started​​

Before coming to JLL, Denver and Jonathan worked for another commercial real estate firm. Both worked closely with suppliers to source an endless stream of products, but the process wasn’t standardized. They couldn't take advantage of their scale and networks, so some clients missed out on discounts and invoices piled up.

Denver admits “we knew it was inefficient, and we had this crazy idea of what if we owned the supply chain completely?”​

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JLL's First Engineering Patent

​JLL's First Engineering Patent is an electrical panel cover invented by
Dave Crowell, an engineer in our Integrated Facilities Management​ practice. Dave's invention has the potential to solve an $80 billion-dollar productivity problem and save 500 lives per year. With this cover, companies will be able to preserve worker safety, boost efficiency and make compliance simple.

How it started

Three years ago, ​Dave was inspired to invent a safer panel while working in an energy safety group for a large financial services client. At that time (and to this day), safety standards required workers to shut down an entire electrical panel even for simple modifications. While this protects them from potentially dangerous shocks, downti​me is disruptive and costly. To maintain uptime, companies cut corners and accidents happen.

"I wanted to bridge the gap between staying productive and staying safe." So he took to his garage workshop, built a prototype and brought it to leadership.

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What is Da Vinci?

JLL’s commitment to innovation runs deep. Employees generate new solutions, best practices and potential products nonstop, all accessible via Idea Stream, our proprietary online innovation platform. Da Vinci was created to honor the game changers and the visionaries.

Each year, we invite employees to pitch their best and brightest ideas to our executive judging panel during an event that is broadcast live to all JLL employees. From hundreds of submissions down to six globally, employees have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to scale their ideas around the world. In addition to a cash prize, they can connect with executive committee members and compete for future investment.

Alec Humphries, Vice President, Product Development and Da Vinci Global Lead, says Da Vinci has “become part of the innovative DNA of our culture. It’s really impactful for employees to see that leadership not only took the time to judge but that they’re so eager to see submissions and find the program so important.” 

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