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Your buildings are talking. Are you listening?

Real estate and facility teams are under increasing pressure to aggressively manage costs, risks and energy consumption while enabling growth and employee productivity. In turn, they need new ways to improve efficiency and lower costs without sacrificing service levels or taking on more risk.

IntelliCommandSM facility management software, powered by Pacific Controls, gives a voice to buildings of all types, using data and analytics to meet these exact demands. It combines smart technology with JLL's building operations expertise and execution to provide 24/7, real-time, remote building monitoring and optimization.

IntelliCommand leverages data and analytics to make buildings smarter and more efficient. It helps companies:

  • Reduce energy by 10 percent or more, usually enough to repay the upfront investment in 1-2 years
  • Boost productivity with an integrated work-order management system and improved  tools for capital management decisions
  • Work smarter by getting to root problems faster and knowing in advance what tools and parts to bring
  • Achieve savings from reduced operational costs

Learn more:

​IntelliCommand in action: Go behind the scenes in a control center, or read how it helped P&G see an average savings of 10 percent across its IntelliCommand pilot buildings.

​How does it work? See details on IntelliCommand:

How smart are smart buildings? Check out our infographic below or on Slideshare.