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​See what the media have to say about data-driven CRE, and where our experts' insights have been shared.

  • 5 ways green office design also makes workers happier and more productive

    23 October 2014 - Daylight and a not-freezing office will make it easier to focus. Luckily, they'll also help your employer reduce its carbon footprint.

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  • Healthy buildings: The next chapter in green building

    24 September 2014 - What's the secret to a healthy, productive office? Bring in the fresh air, let in daylight, minimize noise and keep the temperature steady. Sounds obvious, right? And yet, many people spend their working week sitting in sealed up, stuffy offices that are dim and dingy or lit up like operating theaters. They sit shivering in winter or sweating in summer, are distracted by incessant disruptive noise, and never see the sun or the sky during the day. This isn't good—for the health of people, or for the health of the planet.

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  • Five steps to data-centric corporate real estate

    22 September 2014 - “How much do we spend on real estate globally?” “How many leases do we have across the world?” “Which buildings could we exit in the next 12 months?” If you are a typical corporate real estate executive, these simple questions may be difficult to answer because the data is not easily available.

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  • Your corporate real estate data has something to say. Are you listening?

    19 September 2014 - How much money does your company spend on real estate—offices, stores, warehouses and so on? It’s a simple question. Yet, at many companies, finding the answer could take days, weeks or more because the data is not centralized or they don’t have the data analytics tools in place to tell them.

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  • Want to hire Millennial talent? Can the free beer stereotype and take these 6 steps.

    18 September 2014 - There’s a certain image of the type of workplace that attracts Millennials—fed by movies like the Facebook saga “The Social Network”—that emphasizes free snacks, beer on tap and great piles of pre-IPO stock options. It also doesn’t hurt if your company is named Google or Twitter. Indeed, a recent study of 20,000 human-resources professionals, conducted by Scout Exchange and Oracle HCM confirmed how widely this stereotype is held: HR folks surveyed saw Millennials as entitled, lazy, smartphone-addicted mercenaries who expect to change jobs every few years.

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  • The future of energy efficiency

    September/October 2014 - It turns out that machine-to-machine (M2M) technology isn’t something out of a dystopian future. By harnessing breakthroughs like wireless sensors, cloud computing, and cutting-edge analytics software, M2M technology transforms a building’s lights, air conditioning, and other components into a single complementary system—one that regulates itself around the clock and pinpoints energy-wasting defects that can escape the most astute human observer.

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  • Taking risks to stay number one

    Septmber/October 2014 - Whirlpool, the global home appliance manufacturer, maintains its leadership position by taking calculated risks, and surfacing ideas from everyone on its Global Real Estate team.

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  • Opportunities to, and benefits of, deploying smart building technology across a large portfolio of properties

    Interview with JLL's Dan Probst from Realcomm/IBcon 2014 Conference,

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  • 10 smart building myths busted

    6 May 2014 - Smart buildings are a no-brainer and more affordable than most building owners and investors realize. Smart buildings have been proven to save energy, streamline facilities management and prevent expensive equipment failures. Yet, to many property owners and investors, the value of smart buildings remains a mystery.

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