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Your office is green, but does it make you productive?

Finding the right balance between green and productive is not a slam dunk. That is why we created a program and online tool called Green + Productive™ Workplace, to find out which green office space investments also deliver employee productivity gains. The results show that some green practices improve productivity more than others.

With Green + Productive Workplace, you can use data and analytics to:

  • Maximize the use of your space
  • Reduce the use of resources, including energy
  • Provide a comfortable, efficient workplace
  • Enable a sense of connection between employees in the workplace
  • Demonstrate corporate social responsibility

Learn more:

You can create and office that is energy efficient and sustainable, and a place where employees are healthy and comfortable enough to do their best work. Learn how:

With Green + Productive Workplace, companies benchmark, track and measure green productivity enhancers in the workplace, and compare themselves to industry peers. See how: