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​​​​​​​​Commercial real estate technolo​gy in the news:
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  • vinay goel jll

    Silicon Valley leader joins JLL as Chief Digital Product Officer

    10 July 2018 - Vinay Goel's appointment will ensure JLL clients have access to the best technology expertise and products in order to drive business transformation, integrate new technologies into their workplaces and use data-driven insights to derive new value from their real estate portfolios. Learn more

  • jll spark global venture fund

    JLL Spark announces $100 million global venture fund

    5 June 2018 - The fund plans to invest up to $100 million in companies focused on leveraging technology to improve everything from real estate development and management to leasing and investing, while enhancing the experience of those who occupy it. Learn more

  • jll spark and stessa leadership

    JLL Spark acquires proptech leader Stessa

    27 March 2018 - The innovative tool allows real estate investors to easily and cost-effectively track, manage and communicate the performance of their portfolios. Learn more

  • person looking at phone technology

    Real estate firms look to technology to figure out shoppers

    12 December 2017 - See why new technology could change how retail investors approach their real estate and even where retailers ultimately decide to set up shop. Read more at The Wall Street Journal.

  • Malls tap new tech to track shoppers

    6 December 2017 – Learn how JLL Pinpoint will help better inform landlords and retailers on where shoppers are coming from, what stores they’re visiting and how long they’re shopping at each, all in real-time. Read more at CNBC.

  • jll spark acquistion greg o'brien christian ulbrich

    JLL launches JLL Spark with Silicon Valley veterans

    10 July 2017 - Mihir Shah and Yishai Lerner head the new business that will extend JLL’s proptech expertise. Read more at BizNow

  • person looking at phone technology

    The driving force behind this dominant CRE trend

    21 March 2017 - From mobile devices and platforms to smart buildings and virtual deal making, technology is going to change the face of commercial real estate. In many ways, it already has. Read more from JLL's Doug Irmscher at

  • JLL real estate IoT data explosion

    The evolution of building technology

    14 March 2017 - JLL's Head of Energy and Sustainability, Bob Best, discusses how technology has changed the way buildings are managed today. Read more at CRE Tech

  • JLL real estate IoT data explosion

    How JLL is preparing itself for real estate IoT data explosion

    17 January 2017 - "JLL will look to utilize sensors and IoT for three main use cases: managing infrastructure, utilization of space and total employee experience. This could range from smart management of office energy consumption, to meeting room utilization metrics. The latter is the most ambitious, with the eventual aim being a "data driven office" environment where employees that are increasingly used to co-working spaces have more control over what assets they use in real time." Read more at Computerworld UK

  • JLL MIT real estate innovation lab

    JLL and MIT Plan to Build the Ultimate NYC Commercial Real Estate Database

    3 November 2016 - "The lab’s flagship project is to create a massive commercial real estate database for the city of New York. The database will go beyond rents, transaction prices, building mortgages and vacant space to include Airbnb locations, co-working spaces, cell towers, fiber optic cables, subway lines and more. Combined, the extensive data will offer a way to view the city with distinct and unique perspectives." Read more at

  • technology at jll

    Forbes: Digitally transforming technology and business at JLL

    11 August 2016 - "As part of its digital transformation, JLL is becoming increasingly software-driven. As a result, in many ways it is now a cloud-based software company. There is an important lesson here for any enterprise undergoing such transformation: digital changes everything." Read more at Forbes

  • tableau software data analytics

    This is analytics software firm Tableau’s strategy for winning bigger deals

    8 August 2016 - “We need to enable our people to do things quickly and to do things that are unique for our clients, but we also need to make sure that we can protect the data,” explains Edward Wagoner, global chief information officer for corporate solutions, with JLL. It keeps people more efficient, while offering flexibility.” Read more at Fortune

  • data analysis cre

    From the Wall Street Journal: Real estate firm JLL uses data to speed service delivery​

    16 June 2016 - “[JLL] is using the growing trove of building informationincluding data from Internet-connected sensors​to help clients locate the site for their next corporate headquarters, maintain their heating systems, and even design their conference rooms.” Read more from The Wall Street Journal (​sub).

  • technology data

    JLL Americas CEO Greg O'Brien on diversity, expansion and technology

    9 June 2016 - “We recently went out for a couple of positions that sit on our senior executive committee and, for two of them, I only would accept a diverse slate. We’ve found that we get better outcomes for clients when we put diverse teams together.” Hear more from JLL's Greg O'Brien, Americas CEO, at Bisnow.

  • person using tablet

    From NASDAQ: Exceptional Informatica Customers Receive 2016 Innovation Awards for Excellence around Business Transformation

    25 May 2016 - "JLL relies on the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform (IDP) for fast, easy access to authoritative data, self-service analytics and comprehensive views of properties. Enabled by Informatica, JLL has improved client satisfaction, increased revenues for JLL and its partners and recognized a substantial savings, including a 15 percent reduction in energy consumption across JLL facilities." ​ Read more at Nasdaq.

  • man using computer

    Finalists for the Global Innovator’s Award Competition Also Announced; Winner To Be Named at the 2016 Global Summit North America

    12 May 2016 - JLL’s RED Platform was recognized with the CoreNet Global Innovation and Product Development Award, and is on the short list for the Global Innovators Award that will be announced this October. ​ Read more at CoreNet Global.

  • drone with camera

    Drones Can Enrich a Property’s Story—When Used Judiciously

    25 March 2016 - "Great drone footage can make a building come alive for tenants and investors in a way other video footage cannot—and it’s useful on a practical level for property managers and site selectors, too. For example, we used fly-through footage to produce a vivid tour of a 200,000-square foot creative office redevelopment project in Los Angeles, and aerial footage featuring the iconic A​tlanta skyline to introduce a sales piece for JLL property management services." Hear more from JLL's Gina Kacamburas, SVP Director Marketing, Technology, ​ at TREC Wire.

  • technology data

    Embrace tech opportunities but pay close attention to the challenges

    22 February​ 2016 - "Listen to the challeng​es from the business, and not just to the technical challenges. This is crucial. Help your business partners by building strategic directions​ to evolve not just the technology, but to evolve the organization and help move it forward.​​​​" Hear more from JLL's Levon Hooks, CIO Global Corporate Solutions, ​ at CIOReview.

  • tom lombardo JLL beacon tech

    Beyond Marketing: How Beacons Will Change Buildings in 2016

    16 December 2015 - "As you’re walking past a retail store, an app that has beacon-based offers sends you what deals are going on, but it also gives you the floor plans of the building. Some of these apps will even tell you if you’re lost, how to get there. [Beacons] offer more value beyond just a marketing message." Hear more from JLL's Tom Lombardo, COO, Digital and Mobility Marketing, ​ at ClickZ.

  • david kollmorgen JLL

    Which Sites Are Most, Least Productive? Bring on the Data

    11 November 2015 - "There’s no such thing as ‘TMI’ when comparing corporate facilities. Information is power, when seeking business productivity. Executives are increasingly looking at facilities in a ​​company’s portfolio to determine: Which are the most productive? What features do they share? What factors are a drag on productivity? To help answer these questions, the more layers of facilities data, the better." Read more from JLL’s David Kollmorgen, International Director, Business Intelligence, at Real Street Tech.

  • From Fortune: Smart Buildings are Boring, but These Startups Aren’t

    2 November 2015 - "Motion sensors driving light switches used to be state of the art in office buildings, but now startups and big companies are bringing connected sensors and data analytics into commercial offices that will make building management look a lot more like IT." Read more from Fortune.

  • Passing the CMO Tech Test: What’s the Client Benefit?

    October 2015 - "Gone are the days when technology is seen purely as a cost center. Now we look for platforms that directly contribute to achieving our clients’ investment and corporate business objectives." Read more from JLL Americas CMO Jill Kouri, for CIO Review's special edition, Marketing Tech Insights (see pg. 20).

  • From National Real Estate Investor: How Technology is Shaping CRE

    21 August 2015 - "There is no doubt that technology has transformed our culture in every way. From how we communicate to how we buy services and how, and where, we work. But lately, technology’s impact has hit closer to home, in our industry. Technological advances in the commercial real estate (CRE) sector have accelerated exponentially in the last few years impacting tenants, investors and brokers alike." Read more from the National Real Estate Investor.

  • Why Aaron Rinaca left LivingSocial for this JLL-backed real estate venture

    10 August 2015 - "After opening LivingSocial offices around the world, Rinaca jumped at the opportunity to launch a leasing platform with two JLL suits. HiRise addresses the pain points he had been encountering daily." Read more at DC.

  • From CNBC: How Big Data is Transforming Real Estate

    4 August 2015 - "Assessing a storm's damage to a house; responding to a prospective buyer's concerns about a property; designing offices that suit the needs of its tenants—all are key tasks of the real estate business that are rapidly being made faster and less expensive as the industry adopts lessons from technology, lessons that have already dramatically changed industries such as finance and health care." Read more from CNBC.

  • "Insights and Strategy, Please" — Overheard in the C-Suite by guest blogger Maureen Ehrenberg

    28 July 2015 - "Keep the lights on in Toledo. Secure 20,000 square feet of space in LA. In the 1990s, corporate real estate (CRE) outsourcing strategy was primarily tactical, giving direction to whichever on-the-ground service provider was most fit for the job. Tactical service delivery just isn’t in demand today. Strategic, data-driven insights, advice and results are replacing tactics, and partnerships are replacing vendor relationships." Read more on the IAOP Pulse blog.

  • The Smartest Brokerage in the World

    14 July 2015 - "HiRise is a self-service leasing platform, that lists and hopes to fill up those smaller spaces that often remain vacant. But they didn’t stop there. On HiRise, you just don’t browse, select and make contact.  You can also design the space, sign a lease and pay online. HiRise is why I think JLL is the smartest brokerage in the world." Read more from CRE Outsider.

  • New Data and Analytics Platform Offers Holistic View

    1 July 2015 - This new platform [RED] is being introduced at a time when corporate real estate executives are experiencing growing pressures to contribute measurable value to their organizations. According to JLL’s 2015 Global Corporate Real Estate biennial survey and report, 77% of corporate real estate executives say that managing operating expenses is a C-suite priority, and 61% report pressure to improve the productivity of their physical real estate assets. Read more from Real Street Tech.