JLL Live

Originally broadcast live from the floor of DisruptCRE in San Francisco
on September 14th, relive our interviews with some of the
top minds in CRE technology.

Led by our host Pushpa Gowda, Managing Director, Global Technology Engagement,
you'll gain insight into some of the hottest topics as we explore what's
next in the industry

Choose from your favorite speakers and topics below.

Greg Matter, JLL Managing Director for Silicon Valley, discusses how advancements in automation and IoT provide two significant advantages in manufacturing: improved production in expensive markets (like the Bay Area) and quicker adaptation to market location.
Listen to Laura Tinetti, SVP, Retail Brokerage at JLL, delve into the type of data that major retailers use to decide which products are stocked in each unique store location.
Tom Poser, JLL EVP, NorCal Leasing, provides his wisdom from years of leasing with tech companies: failure is inevitable in tech, and leasing agents should keep in mind the exciting instability of the industry.
Steffen Kammerer, JLL SVP, Brokerage & Tech Practice Leader, acknowledges that companies in several sectors are hiring tech talent--and can find clusters of potential employees in 5--maybe unexpected--new tech hubs.
Gene Holsclaw, JLL SVP, West Region Occupancy Planning Leader, discusses the technology that has vastly improved the accuracy and speed of occupancy planning.
Dr. David Rainton, JLL EVP, Technology - Corrigo, explains the Corrigo technology that autmoates and condenses facilities management overhead, freeing up facilities managers and allowing them to be more efficient.
Tawanna Armstrong, JLL Sr. Product Manager, Global Self-Service BI, highlights how business intelligence platforms allow clients to visualize their data--and more effectively tell their company's story.
Raul Saavedra, JLL EVP, Brokerage, acknowledges the exponential growth in demand for data centers, as well as the factors that affect the development of new data centers.
Ryan Mathews, JLL Manager, Marketing and Jack Nelson, JLL Brokerage, talk about the creative new trends in office and multifamily buildings (hint: the trends blend work and leisure).
Frank Teng, JLL VP of Energy & Sustainability Services, highlights the role Smart Buildings play in real estate sustainability.
Katie Rodrigues, JLL VP, Workplace Strategy Consulting, elaborates on how in the Future of Work, workplaces should focus on the Human Experience for their employees.
Neil FitzGerald, JLL Director, Data & Information Management, emphasizes the importance of meaningful and intentional data to make effective company decisions.

Featured speakers

JLL Live host

Pushpa Gowda

Managing Director- Global Technology Engagement

Keynote speaker

Andy Poppink

Head of Silicon Valley Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Tom Poser

EVP, NorCal Leasing

Greg Matter

Managing Director, Silicon Valley

Steffen Kammerer

SVP, Brokerage & Tech Practice Leader

Raul Saavedra

EVP, Brokerage

Dr. David Rainton

EVP, Technology – Corrigo

Frank Teng

VP, Energy & Sustainability Services

Alex Lassar

SVP, Brokerage

Laura Tinetti

SVP, Retail Brokerage

Katie Rodrigues

VP, Workplace Strategy Consulting

Ryan Mathews

Manager, Marketing

Gene Holsclaw

SVP, West Region Occupancy Planning Leader

Jack Nelson


Tawanna Armstrong

VP, Business Intelligence