JLL Live!

Originally broadcast live from the floor of DisruptCRE in NYC on March 30th,
relive our interviews with some of the top minds in CRE technology.

Led by our host Pushpa Gowda, Managing Director, Global Technology Engagement,
you'll gain insight into some of the hottest topics as we explore what's
next in the industry.

Choose from your favorite speakers and topics below.

Mike DeNamur, VP Smart Building Program, JLL, on how IoT can increase efficiency and employee comfort if people opt in to the technology.
Matthew Astrachan, Vice Chairman, JLL New York, goes inside what tech tenants are looking for, including office densification and must-have amenities, and how improving the workspace can reduce company attrition.
John Wheeler, Managing Director, on the positive impact of the coworking wave on landlords, tech entrepreneurs, mature companies and everything in between.
Mike DeNamur, VP Smart Building Program, JLL, discusses where smart buildings have placed their focus in the past (energy) and how the attention has shifted to providing tenants and employees productive interactions with a space.
Aaron Lee, Research Analyst, JLL New York, talks timesaving and cost-efficient tenant decision-making, and the power of data visualization brought to life thanks to in JLL's Blackbird system.
James Wenk, Managing Director, New York Brokerage, JLL, addresses how the technologies that are available to commercial real estate executives to make working in commercial real estate more productive, data-driven and successful.
Ben Breslau, Director of America's Research, JLL, talks about the exciting advancements in CRE Technology happening behind the scenes, and what we can expect on the horizon.

Featured speakers

JLL Live! Host

Pushpa Gowda

Managing Director, Global Technology Engagement

Mike DeNamur

VP Smart Building Program

Matthew Astrachan

Vice Chairman, New York

John Wheeler

Managing Director

James Wenk

Managing Director, New York Brokerage

Aaron Lee

Research Analyst

Ben Breslau

Director of America's Research