JLL Live!

Originally broadcast live from the floor of DisruptCRE in Chicago on May 4th,
relive our interviews with some of the top minds in CRE technology.

Led by our host Pushpa Gowda, Managing Director, Global Technology Engagement,
you'll gain insight into some of the hottest topics as we explore what's
next in the industry.

Choose from your favorite speakers and topics below.

Mike Hart, JLL’s National Director and SVP of Data Management and Technology Operations, talks about how technology has arrived to the property management side of commercial real estate and how using JLL’s data and resources is helping clients make more informed decisions.
George Cutro and Chad Buch, Researchers for JLL’s Industrial group and hosts of the “Chicago Industrial - Real Time” Podcast, dive into technology’s current impact on the industrial market and talk about their new podcast.
James Cook, JLL’s Americas Director of Retail Research, revealed their latest research report “The Retailer’s Guide to the Galaxy,” helping retailers predict the next 5, 10, and 20 years for the industry.
Dave Sawdey, JLL’s Americas Director of Business Intelligence, dives into the importance of business intelligence when making real estate decisions and how JLL’s business intelligence group is helping its clients with its “PAT” portfolio and analytics tool.
Alec Humphries, JLL’s Director of Innovation and Product Development, explains the external and internal strategies JLL is employing to bring their own company and the clients they serve the top level of tech and innovation in their products and services.
Matt Waggoner, JLL’s Americas Senior Vice President, discusses co-leading the Tenant Representation Advisory and explains what it means to “make office space do more.”
Ken Nigro, JLL’s Americas Head of BI & Analytics, discusses how business intelligence and how it can help with specific client challenges.
Matt Gonterman, Americas CIO, expands on his keynote speech from the DisruptCRE conference, where he discussed JLL’s Buy, Build, Partner strategy of collaborating with disruptive tech companies rather than create overlapping technologies.
Ho-Chun Ho, JLL’s Global Head of Data Governance and Management, dissects the complicated nature of data management.
Christine Goodwin, Occupancy Planning Lead, explains how occupancy planning takes advantage of newfound data and helps optimize opportunities for clients.
Rich Thompson, JLL’s International Director and Leader of the Global Supply Chain & Logistics Solutions, reflects on his past two decades in supply chains and logistics with JLL and the importance of technology in supply chain consulting when making real estate decisions in today’s market.
Chandra Sekhar, JLL’s Americas Director of Innovations, discussed the technological innovations that will alter the course of the workplace.
Gina Kacamburas, Director of Marketing, Technology, conducts a “Show and Tell” of the latest property marketing tools, including drones, Matterport technology, and a HoloLens.
Kyle Harding, SVP of Integrated Portfolio Services, discusses the rapidly changing Contact—not Call—Center technology
Sam Kennedy, VP and Tech Practice lead at JLL, talks tech tenant trends and emphasizes how they have influenced corporate real estate like JLL's "The Club."

Featured speakers

JLL Live! Host

Pushpa Gowda

Managing Director, Global Technology Engagement

Keynote speaker

Matt Gonterman

CIO, Americas

James Cook

Americas Director of Retail Research

Gina Kacamburas

Director of Marketing, Technology

Mike Hart

SVP, Data Management & Technology Operations

George Cutro

Director of Industrial Research

Chad Buch

Senior Research Analyst

Matt Waggoner

Senior Vice President

Kyle Harding

SVP, Integrated Portfolio Services

Michael Startin

VP and Director of GIS

Ho-Chun Ho

Global Head of Data Governance and Management

Christine Goodwin

Manager, Occupancy Planning

Richard Thompson

International Director, Supply Chain & Logistics Solutions

Chandra Sekhar

Director of Innovations

Dave Sawdey

Director of Business Intelligence

Alec Humphries

Director, Innovation and Product Development

Ken Nigro

SVP, Americas Head of BI & Analytics, Corporate Solutions