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​Annual Enrollment Webinars

Listen to the recorded Annual Enrollment Webinars for US Employees and those in the Kaiser Permanente regions (California, Oregon, Washington state, Colorado, Georgia, Mid-Atlantic Region). Annual Enrollment is coming October 16-November 3, be sure to enroll.

Kaiser Permanente Webinar

US Employees Webinar

2018 Benefit Summary Guides

For all the details on your 2018 benefits, review the Benefit Summary Guides:​ ​ ​

U.S.-based Employees
Independent Contractor

Puerto Rico - English
Puerto Rico - Spanish

 Summary benefit coverage

2018 Annual Enrollment Guides

Before you dive into your annual benefits enrollment, check out the Annual Enrollment Guide that applies to you below to learn about our new 2018 offerings, what's changing with our providers, way to save money on your healthcare costs, and a lot more:​ 

U.S.-based Employees
Independent Contractor

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Summary of benefit coverage

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