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Healthcare Solutions

Are you ready to roll the dice?

Jones Lang LaSalle brings you in-depth insight from experts across the healthcare industry. This month we discuss Healthcare reform. It isn't just another economic or regulatory hurdle; it's a force far more powerful. For hospitals to remain profitable, it is imperative that providers relentlessly focus on patient care and population health. A slight change in margin can make a big difference in the viability of hospitals. Are you willing to roll the dice?

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Are you ready for healthcare reform?
Sydney Scarborough in Jones Lang LaSalle’s Healthcare Solutions group discusses the unforeseeable impact of the Affordable Care Act on hospitals and healthcare providers serving more patients at potentially lower rates. Strong risk analysis and scenario planning reveals ways to reduce cost while ensuring a high standard of care.


What scenarios do you need to consider?
As the affordable Care Act takes effect, no one is sure exactly where the chips will fall.

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Point of view

What are the strategies you need to know?
There has never been a more critical time for healthcare systems to act. With the presidential election over and healthcare reform moving ahead, hospitals need to prepare for this transformational shift.

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