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America's energy boom

The U.S. is in the midst of a historic energy boom that is set to create a ripple effect on office, industrial, hotel, multifamily and retail space now and in the future.Why? It's simple, really. More production requires more facilities, and creates more jobs. Those employees and their families need nearby housing, places to work and places to shop.This collection of resources sheds light on where, when and why the change is happening, how it may impact your business, and what you can do to come out on top. For the most in-depth look at the situation, download our latest Energy Outlook report. (Published July 2014)Or, see the content below for bite-size, visual previews of core concepts explored in the Outlook.

Video overview


Check out the following visuals that highlight key aspects of our research.

Fueling a Change: A big transition in the U.S. energy pipeline
Our recent switch from being a net importer of oil, natural gas and biofuel to a net exporter changed the game for energy companies, the economy, the job market and more.

See how.
Electic expansion: Where is U.S. energy growth happening?Which United States metro areas are experiencing the highest growth in energy production?

Find the answers here.

37 percent of new U.S. jobs created since 2002 are related to natural gas and oil drilling.

Learn about the impact on multifamily housing demand.

retail real estate development
U.S. cities strong in the energy industry have experienced increased employment and burgeoning housing demand.

See the impact on retail development.

The energy boom will have a long-term impact on real estate across markets and property types—potentially spurring the country’s next economic renaissance.

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