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Airport Outlook 2014

No two markets fly the same

Airports play a major role in the movement of goods within the country and around the world. From the newest fashions flown in bulk from China to the one pair of shoes overnighted to your door, airports make the modern economy possible. However, today’s environment is challenging for airports and owners of aviation-centric real estate.

Our latest industry report, the 2014 Airport Outlook, takes a look at those challenges, the trends that cause them, and how owners, investors and real estate managers in the space can lower CPEs through creative real estate solutions. In addition, we score the country’s top airports’ investment viability—see a sneak peek below.

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Airport Scores Index

Based on 13 measurable performance metrics in the categories of air cargo operations and real estate market factors, the Airport Scores Index is a subjective measure of an airport’s value to investors, developers and occupiers of airport-centric industrial properties.

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See details on each of these airports, including historical submarket conditions and cargo volumes, key stats, investment and development news, and more in our complete 2014 Airport Outlook.