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What if you actually looked forward to accreditation surveys? No, seriously...

Jones Lang LaSalle brings you in-depth insight from experts across the healthcare industry. This month we discuss accreditation surveys. They have the power to put your hospital in a tailspin and even potentially hurt your bottom line and reputation. But does it have to be that way? What if you actually looked forward to a survey event?

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What does accreditation survey mean to you?
Michael Chisholm of Jones Lang LaSalle’s Healthcare Solutions group discusses how accreditation surveys often feel like a distraction of resources away from patient care. Instead, he says, accreditation surveys can be something hospitals use as validation, or even a badge of honor, recognizing that they are providing the very best environment for patients, visitors and staff.


Why do you often dread accreditation surveys?
Fate rewards the prepared. And, like that "A+ student," the key for hospitals is being in a constant state of survey readiness.

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Point of view

What can you do to start to shift your mindset?
Many cringe at the mere mention of “accreditation survey.” It has the power to put a hospital in a tailspin and potentially even impact reputation.

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