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​​Blackbird, JLL’s intelligence tool, puts you in the driver’s seat for commercial real estate market analysis.

With Blackbird, you can take a virtual market tour that visually integrates every data point that matters to you. Explore options across the country or within a single block—all without leaving your boardroom.

Beginning with high-level macroeconomic trends, you’ll be able to sift and compare potential markets by looking at workforce demographics, tax incentives or access to transit. And with planned development layers, you can even see potential sites and buildings before a shovel hits the ground.

When you see a site of interest, zoom in by viewing architectural renderings, stackable floor plans, neighborhood amenities and comps—everything you’ve identified as important.

With JLL and Blackbird, you get an unparalleled combination of true experts, deep data and innovative technology that brings everything into focus, and will redefine how you view real estate.

Blackbird puts you there.

See how Blackbird works

  • Building data

    Access real time property data at the click of a button. Our proprietary tool allows you to click on color coded buildings to view our proprietary real estate data such as availability, rental rates, building class, amenities, and more.

  • Migration

    Discover market trends through our visualization tool such as tenant migration patterns between urban and suburban submarkets.

  • Property Analytics

    Access property analytics in a given area to arm yourself with the knowledge to help make informed decisions.

  • Property search with building data

    Easily filter through properties using our search feature to identify locations that meet your specific criteria.

  • Stacking Plan and Images

    View stacking plans of office buildings to select certain floors to see images of your potential space options.

  • Tax Incentives

    Look at tax incentive maps and overlay them with a survey of options or your portfolio of properties to identify areas of your potential savings.